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Partners every step of the way in the project


Using her past experience as an architect, Carole Chiotasso wanted to involve as many local craftspersons and companies as possible in this project to redevelop the premises into a studio and boutique. Carole offered each the opportunity to show off their know-how through detailed drawings of partitions,


furniture and the shopfront:

Shopfront & workshop furnishings: Ets Sanchez
Store furniture: SARL Bois Design
Plasterwork: SNP
Plumbing: Ets Ponsol
Electricity: Roques
Ironwork: Belmonte
Paintwork: Escriva
Metalwork: Forge Del Castillo
Tiling: Carodoc
Terracotta tiles: Escolier

For the studio’s lighting, Carole Chiotasso invited Laurie David (a ceramist working in Narbonne) to create a ceiling light that was a natural fit for one of the displays. This project brought together these two craftswomen who love playing with materials and championing beauty.


Carole Chiotasso wanted her jewellery to be protected and come in a box that corresponded to it – it had to be beautiful both in its appearance and the story it told. The result was a jewellery box made of solid wood using local species such as cherry, walnut, oak or beech. The design studio Alldsgn created this jewellery box that looks like a stone, a solid object into which a cavity is dug at its very core to house this work of art, this golden gem.

The jewellery box came into being thanks to the interest shown by Sylvain Barthès, a bespoke eyewear maker and fan of woodwork and owner of the brand VuDuSud. He made those jewellery boxes in his workshop in Narbonne using the types of wood he himself uses when making his frames.


As for the stationery, Carole Chiotasso turned to the artisan printer Thomas Berthon, owner of Les Caracterres based in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, for all the designs produced by Alldsgn.


Lastly, the photographs of all the pieces of jewellery were entrusted to the keen eye of Marie Ormières, a photographer in Narbonne.


This adventure started as just a daydream one summer’s night in Split, Croatia, in the company of a friend, Lilly Panholzer. That was back in 2009. I shared with her my desire to create jewellery; she listened to me and believed in me, and from that day on, that dream became a reality.

Fast-forward to the present: I extend my thanks to Lilly, her associate Andres Fredes and their design studio Alldsgn, who produced all the corporate images for the Carole Chiotasso brand

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