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Gold is a precious material sourced from the Earth. It is stunning, unalterable and dazzling in colour. But its noble traits have been sullied by the harmful effects of gold mining on the environment and social conditions.

Because of her beliefs, Carole Chiotasso decided to only use Fairmined Gold Standard gold for all her collections, not recycled gold. As such, the Carole Chiotasso brand is certified by Fairmined.


Fairmined is the alternative that promotes environmentally and socially responsible mining. This standard was the brainchild of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), which unites artisanal and small-scale mining. Gold is mined according to a charter that seeks to minimise the impact on the region and guarantee decent working conditions. The gold is then traced with very few intermediaries from the mine until it reaches the jewellery workshop and, ultimately, the end consumer.

By choosing ethical gold, the Carole Chiotasso brand is showing that luxury can become more virtuous and that we can once again view gold as the noblest, most precious material that Earth has to offer.

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