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French creations borne from a highly intuitive process.  

The story behind a piece of jewellery always starts with some form of inspiration: experiences, images, readings, plants or minerals, or a feeling.

And this inspiration gives birth to drawings, literature and models, fuelling research and studies into forms and the compositions of elements between one another and on the body. It’s a long process full of stops and starts. As a creator, you regularly go back to seek the essence of that initial inspiration. What drew you in when you looked at an image or material?

Little by little, an image starts to make

perfect sense.


Two production techniques are used at the Carole Chiotasso workshop in Narbonne: lost-wax casting and goldsmithing. The jewellery’s design will dictate which of the techniques will be used.

This intuitive, artistic endeavour becomes a reality the moment that drawing is created. The focus then shifts to the manufacturing processes, the techniques that would best convey the original idea, and gauging and limiting the weight of the jewellery.


Little by little, the evidence in a drawing appears.  

This intuitive, artistic work clings to reality as soon as this drawing has to be realized. The reflection then focuses on the manufacturing processes, the techniques that best express the original idea, and on the approximation and control of the weight of the jewel.

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