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Alba is the name of an ancient capital in the French département of Ardèche / Alba (Variegata)

is also a suffix for Lunaria Annua, a plant more commonly known as White Flowered Honesty.

The inspiration for the Alba collection comes from Lunaria Annua Alba Variegata, a plant

with paper-thin silvery pods that you can find in grasslands in the Mediterranean region. In France,

it is a plant of many virtues that has inspired many beliefs.

The Alba collection comprises unique, ethereal pieces of jewellery that form a complementary

ensemble. Fine and delicate, they take in light as much as they reflect it.

Alba, an ode to nature and the Mediterranean region.

With its fluid, delicate and airy design that absorbs light as much as it reflects,

the Alba collection creates a new take on a Mediterranean look.

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