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Carole started working as an architect after graduating from the Toulouse School of Architecture in 2002. From 2008 on, she became interested in jewellery making while working as an architect in Barcelona. Making jewellery allowed her to work with her hands in a way she couldn’t with architecture and is more immediate given that jewellery is created more quickly once designed. Her skills as an architect in imagining and drawing, and her appreciation of materials and harmonies between shapes, meant she could design jewellery. After all, jewellery, like spaces, is designed for humans. The only difference is the scale.

Through night classes and her lessons with the jeweller Susana Alonso in Spain, Carole started learning about jewellery-making. She came upon tools, a new language and materials such as silver, brass and gold. For ten years, Carole honed her craft in her spare time. She created jewellery for herself or loved ones who placed their trust in her by ordering one-off pieces.

In 2019, she took the plunge, changing paths from architect to artisan jeweller. With this career change, she wanted to reconnect with a life goal that she held dear: offering beauty and goodness.


In 2020, Carole obtained a vocational training certificate in jewellery arts and design from the CFA apprentice training centre in Nimes. During her year of studies, she got the chance to learn about jewellery alongside Jean Marie Bot, a renowned jeweller and gem-setter working in Narbonne. Not only did he teach her about the techniques and tricks of the trade, but he also shared his taste for excellence.


In 2021, the Carole Chiotasso brand was born. Carole set up her jewellery boutique studio in the heart of the city of Narbonne. She breathed a Mediterranean feel into the empty premises using generous shapes and warm colours to create this first showcase for her jewellery.

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